Business land was founded in 1987 providing Solutions for the Office Environment. Business land offers a comprehensive range of solutions to the Commercial and Educational sector including Computer Hardware, Software, Servicing and Networking.

Business land’s prime objective is to offer innovative, cost effective and highly competitive IT solutions, achievable by anticipating, identifying and satisfying customer requirements within a service biased environment.

The original business focus was directed at providing professional support services within the first three layers of the OSI model, namely the physical data link and network layers. These three layers are basically low technology; however, enjoy the advantage of a high technological market when associated with the remaining four layers.

To achieve the company’s objectives, the business mix comprises of two components, our relationship and attitudes with both customers and partners, and the set of products offered within our commercial portfolio. Having recognized that to become successful within the IT market there is a requirement to deliver total solutions, relationships were established with manufacturers, distributors and other focused suppliers, to create an environment where the customer becomes reliant upon the combined products and services delivered.

Our strategy and approach is tailored to meet SME and Corporate Users with a premier service, where we accept total ownership of customers concerns when delivering life cycle solutions, across the whole spectrum of the distributive computing environment. This varies from providing equipment supply, system design and implementation, training and support services. We offer all customers (including partner organisations) the management and control of their entire Commercial IT requirements, thus maximizing individual company strengths, thereby adding further value to the solution provided.

In essence Business land delivers leading edge product solutions within cost effective budgets. Our focus is on high quality mainstream and specialised products, with a service excellence philosophy, which includes fast response to customer demands together with management of the customer’s expectations and IT requirements. We add value by having the ability to solve key issues and deliver ‘Life Cycle’ solutions within the environment, and therefore, take away any potential pain: – We Own Your problems

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