AvigilonBy working closely with security professionals, and leveraging their unique expertise in security, digital imaging and enterprise software, Avigilon have developed a high definition surveillance system with unmatched performance. Comprised of a line of multi-megapixel IP cameras, ranging in resolution from 1 to 16 megapixels, and high definition NVRs that capture and preserve surveillance evidence using lossless compression, the Avigilon High Definition Surveillance System delivers the image quality necessary to protect our customers.

Avigilon’s singular focus on security and an exceptionally strong commitment to research and development ensures that they will continue to be the leader in developing high definition surveillance systems that demanding security professionals rely on.

We supply and fit security CCTV equipment for home or businesses, we have systems from 4 to 16 channel analogue systems. The ability to view on your mobile phone (ipad, iphone or android) or via your pc for playback or live coverage. Site surveys allow you to maximise the area in which you want to cover for the least amount of black spots. All quotes are done on a per site/house visit which is conducted free of charge.

We can do Network IP cameras only problem with these is the cost! Having the ability to record up to 60 days by increasing hard drive space.

Call us for a quote in Kent and Essex

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