Laptop Repairs

The Businessland Group provides the support you and your laptop needs in the event your device has a sudden issue and you need a fast response and solution. We diagnose and resolve your laptops issues with ease, do not let a fault in a laptop hinder you and have it resolved at the soonest convince to you. We provide a wide variety of servicing to your broken or failing devices and have long term hardware and software solutions to apply to your laptop which keeps your device in top condition to reach its full potential even years after your laptops initial purchase.

Solutions cover such issues like-

  • Slow performanceR000
  • Insufficient storage
  • Being locked out from accessing your device
  • Broken components such as Screens, keyboards, hard drives and more
  • Virus infection and other risks to your data and system

We provides solutions to all of these problems and a vast majority of any other issues that may come to light in your laptops future.

Businessland are readily available to replace or repair faulty hardware that your laptop has developed over time or by an accident, such as LCD screens, hard-drives, RAM, keyboards and other problematic components to return it to its original quality or even surpass it to the standard you need. Most components of a laptop is within our coverage and upgrades are also an option.

Malicious attack based issues are also easily covered and are solvable by our service, ensuring your devices safety and privacy by the total removal of all viruses, Trojans, spyware and adware ensuring your files and systems safety. We place measures to prevent a repeat infection happening in the future with antivirus solutions we are confident with and improved personal firewalls to provide a pre-emptive prevention measure to prevent further attacks.

All prices of repairs are agreed upon after a free diagnostic.

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