Office Co-location / VPN

Working from multiple locations or from home or another office location has always been limited to either emails or post. These are not efficent ways of running your business, we propose a solution using only 1 or 2 parts of equipment (depending on use). VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, there are two methods of ways to connect to your office network.

Here is the first one, As you can see the Main Office has the servers/documents etc saved on their network. Using the router at each end links the two networks together. Users in the branch Offices will use the network as if they are at the Main Office.

The second way is to have a router at the Main Office and the users can either use laptops / desktops / mobiles, practically any device with internet access from anywhere in the world.

With out going in to too much detail, we will provide the equipment for both ways of connecting and configure this for you.

What you will need is a fairly good internet connection, either ADSL/Cable or Fibre.

A static IP is recommended but not needed.

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