Telephone Systems and Lines

Keeping communication with your clients is important to every business and having the means to effectively communicate internally can significantly increase productivity and proficiency within an organisation. Using PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology with our Alcatel IP telephones a business can make that vital connection with customers and ensure that staff are able to convey important information and data to the necessary recipients. Alcatel IP phones come with advance functionality sets and provide excellent sound clarity to both ends of the call to make sure your call and message is clear, functionality is all accessible via its LCD screen which clearly provides options such as hold, transfer, mute and loud speaker as well as conference calls to hold decisive meetings that will influence your company.

Optic cables connected to router portsWith our channel partner Gamma, The Businessland-Group also provides phone lines to your infrastructure to provide the connectivity you need. Integration with lines such as SIP lines make VoIP and video conferencing transmissions clear and high quality whilst providing a better price rate than standard lines making it affordable, It also provides excellent flexibility with your numbers allowing you to move or add new numbers to your telecoms easily. A good line service makes the feature sets of your telecom services and devices. Other leased lines we provide are analogue lines, ISDN lines (ISDN2 & ISDN30) and assured broadband to ensure you have the right line to provide your telecomm services throughout your company with the highest quality. Over all the line services we provide we recommend SIP lines as it is the most adaptable to fit the companies needs and is affordable whilst still providing multiple functions.

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